For exhibitors

Dear business friends,

we have long dreamt about it and discussed it with many of you. Now is the right moment to go for it and thus we are pleased to inform you about the new festival concept.

Festival Evolution has evolved from five interconnected trade shows, and the main driving engine of this "evolution" was the desire to transform the trade show format into a festival or fiesta. I trust we have been successfully fulfilling this vision, and therefore, as of this year, we are going to organize Festival Evolution twice a year.

The Spring Festival Evolution is about inspiration, news and novelties, about favourite exhibitors and programmes. You can tune in to the natural period of growth as the nature awakens and strengthens. During the Autumn Festival Evolution, you can treat yourself and enjoy yourself. The weather will let us extend the festival to the vicinity of the Industrial Palace, and  we are planning to provide here activities for children as well as sports and cultural activities. For the first time we are going to have a huge music stage with many interesting artists, e.g., Vojtěch Dyk and the whole B-Side Band. We find these steps essential - we would like the Autumn Festival to attract the whole family, and to celebrate life.

The first Autumn Festival Evolution will take place on September 23-24, 2017. During this two-day event, we will offer cultural, professional as well as popular educational shows and activities on several stages, and at the same time trade shows.  Outside and around the stages there will be sports activities, workshops and creative activities for all - mainly for families with children.

The festival will host exhibitors from the following fields: organic, eco, health, well-being, personal development, and education.

We look forward to meeting you more often and trust that you will grow fond of the Autumn Festival as much as you have of the Spring one.