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The Evolution Festival is not a classic trade fair, it is primarily three days literally packed with a program in which a number of internationally recognized celebrities perform annually. The festival originated from five trade fairs, the interconnection of which will satisfy all those who care about their health, want to learn something about themselves and develop their personalities, gain new knowledge in the field of nutrition and organic farming, or access the realms beyond everyday reality. Both sections, presentational and program, are inseparable and mutually reinforcing - you can test, touch, taste or even smell what will be talked about in the program. Every year we try to provide our visitors with something new, to make space for innovative perspectives, and to discuss current topics and issues so that the visitors can leave the festival with practical tips, inspiration, and particular products.

Festival Evolution in Numbers
Number of exhibitors 428
Exhibition area 4 143 m2
Number of visitors 16 587


The BIO STYLE trade fair is only intended for exhibitors with certified organic products; these include food, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements. The organizer accepts all internationally recognized certificates, a copy of which must be submitted for registration in order for any exhibitor to participate. 


The HEALTH trade fair is attended by exhibitors who present products and services in the field of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, natural products, and good regional food at their stands. An important group of exhibitors consists of companies from the fields of natural medicine, new diagnostic methods, prevention, and overall physical and mental balance.


The ECO WORLD trade fair focuses mainly on exhibitors who offer products that are environment friendly, energy-saving, and not burdening our nature. These are particularly drugstore products, home appliances, water treatment, as well as environmental electricity from renewable energy sources and products that use it effectively. It also provides space for all non-profit organizations with the same orientation.


The PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT trade fair introduces the visitors to different schools of thought and methods of personal development, and presents new educational projects and methods, as well as active recreation and acquiring new experiences. Other topics include healthy motherhood and the upbringing of children, new perspectives on the education of children as well as adults, and opportunities for active leisure time.


Thanks to its uniqueness, the ALTERNATIVE trade fair brings an increasing number of visitors and exhibitors who feel close to our motto "the hidden becomes apparent" to the exhibition centre. The extensive accompanying program is exceptional and unique in Europe. At the trade fair, both familiar and entirely new disciplines and techniques, whose common denominator is self-knowledge, spiritual enrichment and personal balance of humans as well as the whole society, are presented. In addition to usual alternative directions, experts of alternative medicine, relaxation, medical centers, and meditation techniques are also presented. Consultations in the counseling zone offering chiromancy, numerology, astrology, and reading cards are popular as well. Areas of thematic literature, audio and video media, jewelry, and artistic and esoteric objects and paintings have always been strongly represented.


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Eco world

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