Festival Evolution

It is hard to believe that the Spring Festival Evolution will be held for the fourteenth time in March! You can find there "under one roof" anything related to a healthy lifestyle, including shopping, tastings, consultations, family activities, many new trends and inspirations for the healthy body and soul.

It is estimated that as many as 400 home and overseas exhibitors will participate in the festival's traditional areas of focus (BIO STYLE, HEALTH, ECO WORLD, ALTERNATIVE, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT), offering latest healthy food trends and products, organic food, natural cosmetics, as well as practical green or eco-friendly products for the household. New education and personal development trends will also be discussed, not speaking of topics providing insight into realms outside the everyday reality.

As many as 200 presenters and performers will appear on 7 stages within the three festival days. We are preparing a wide choice of lectures, seminars, artistic performances, consultations, counselling, cooking demos, demonstration lessons, practical workshops, and activities for children.

Festival preparation is in full swing, so you might want to put a reminder on your calendar for the third weekend in March. We are sure Festival Evolution is something you should not miss!


Bio styl


Eco world

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