About Festival Evolution


  • more than 400 sales booths
  • natural cosmetics
  • high-quality food
  • organic products
  • eco-friendly detergents
  • products for children
  • organic clothing
  • discounts
  • demonstrations, samples and tasting

You can find here in one spot the best choice of high-quality food and drinks, certified organic produces, fair-trade products as well as eco-friendly goods.

There will be a wide choice of natural and organic decorative and treatment cosmetics, a wide choice of eco-friendly detergents and other household gadgets for eco-friendly cleaning and household chores. Fans of natural fabrics, organic clothing, and healthy footwear will have a field day. Moms can find here various stuff for their kids.

Specialists on personal development will advise you how to improve your performance as well as your well-being. You can learn some interesting techniques for working with your body and consciousness. You will be given easy methods and procedures which can assist you in activating, developing, and utilizing your talents.

On top of their regular product range, exhibitors have prepared many tastings, samples, testers, and special festival discounts.

Experience, see, taste, feel!



  • 7 programme stages
  • more than 200 speakers, lecturers, teachers, and “practitioners”
  • daylong programme for the whole family
  • concerts, music, dancing
  • demonstration lessons
  • workshops
  • lectures

Festival presentations and festival programme are closely linked, support each other, and provide hand-on experience. Whatever will be discussed can be immediately tried out, touched, tasted and smelled.

You can meet here the representatives of conventional, alternative and holistic medicine as well as cosmetics professionals. Respected coaches will advise you how to maximize your potential; psychologists will see to your relationships; pedagogues will introduce the latest trends in children and adult education and training. You can enjoy activities prepared by sports lecturers, and dance or music performances.

You can visit various specialised consultants, attend interesting workshops which will introduce various methods of personal developments and education, go to daylong workshops for adults or children, and learn various techniques and exercises for strengthening your body and soul. You can look forward to demonstrations of drink- and food-making as represented by various nutrition styles.

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